Mr Neil Jones
Ms J Hall
Ms J Hall
Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Conlon
Mr S Conlon
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Reeves
Mrs E Reeves
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Southall
Mrs K Southall
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pastoral Team

Mrs E Reeves  | Assistance Headteacher /Pupil Support and Wellbeing

Mrs K Southall  |  Pastoral Support Manager, Child Protection- Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss J Hall  |  Senior Learning Mentor (Behaviour KS4)

Mrs S Murphy  |  Senior Learning Mentor (Behaviour KS3)

Mrs R Simcox  |  Head of Year 11

Mrs S McAuley  |  Head of Year 10

Miss T Haywood  |  Head of Year 9

Mr L Dolan  |  Head of Year 8

Mrs S Summers  |  Head of Year 7

Mr L Atkinson  |  Senior Learning Mentor (Attendance) – Deputy ​Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)

Miss J Woods  |  Senior Learning Mentor (Attendance)

Mrs P Cund  |  Attendance Officer (Clerical)

Special Educational Needs Department

Ms N Davies  |  SENDCO

Ms K Brown |  Assistant SENDCO

Mrs L Clarke  |  Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Collins   |  Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Croft  |  Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Neath  |  Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Harvey  |  Teaching Assistant

Mrs A O’Grady  |  Teaching Assistant

Miss S Groves  |  Teaching Assistant

Associate Teachers

Miss K Hanratty  |  Associate Teacher

Miss R Charles  | Associate Teacher

Miss S Sheppard  |  Associate Teacher

Mrs A M Collins  |  Associate Teacher

Administration & Finance

Miss S Killeen  |  Office manager / PA to Headteacher

Mrs D Smith  |  School Administrator 

Mrs D Tipping  |  School Administrator

Mrs K Barstow  |  Reprographics / Receptionist

Mrs L Bowen  |  Finance Assistant


Mr D Moorcroft  |  ICT Operations Manager

Mr R Murphy  |  ICT Apprentice

Mr J Crooks  |  Data Manager / Moodle Manager


Mrs W Telfer  |  Examinations Officer 


Mr A Bevan  |  Premises Manager

Mr D Valente  |  Shift Supervisor

Mr T Caudle  | Shift Supervisor

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Tucker  |  Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms M Dawson |  Lunchtime Supervisor

Curriculum Teams

English Faculty

Mr D Marchese-Fry|  Head of Faculty

Mr C Allen  | Second in English

Mrs A Neal  |  English

Mrs G Langham  |  English

Mrs S McAuley  |  English

Mrs M Ricketts  |  English

Mr P Anoh Yentumi  |  English

Mr L Beech  |  English

Mrs C Dunnaker  | Librarian

Arts & Technology Faculty

Mr S Smedley  |  Head of Faculty, Head of Computer Science

Ms S Barton  |  Head of Art & Design

Mrs N Allen   |  Art 

Ms A Wilding  |  Head of Music

Ms C Walley |  Music

Mr L Dolan |  Music

Mrs K Preston  |  Head of Textiles

Mrs S Tucker  |  Head of Graphics

Mr S Conlon |  Computer Science

Miss R Charles  |  Textiles / Graphics Technician

Mrs J Peters  |  Art Technician

Humanities Faculty

Mr P Keylock |  Head of Faculty, Head of History

Ms J Hall  |  History

Mr N Jones  |  History

Mrs S McAuley  |  History

Mr D Sweeney  |  History, Head of Personal Development

Mrs K Howes  |  Head of Geography / NQT Induction Tutor / ITT Co-ordinator

Miss L Hufton  |  Geography / Aspire Co-ordinator

Mrs Y Wheeler  |  MFL Co-ordinator, French

Mrs S Summers  |  French

Miss C Shaw  |  French

Mrs A Paull  |  Head of RE

Mrs N Vizor   |  Head of PE / Head of Health & Social Care

Mrs E Reeves  | Health & Social Care

Miss J Adey  |  PE / PSD

Mrs R Simcox  |  PE / PSD / Dance

Mrs S Turner  |  PE

Mrs A Shackell-York  |  PE / PSD

Mrs H Miller |  PE

Mathematics Faculty

Miss K Stansbie  |   Head of Faculty

Ms T Newton  |  Second in Mathematics

Mr T Patel |   Mathematics

Miss J Barstow |  Mathematics/Aim Higher Co-ordinator

Mr G Pearson |​  Mathematics

Mrs H Miller |​  Mathematics

Miss S Timlin |   Mathematics

Science Faculty

Mr M Jackson  |  Head of Faculty

Mr J Gladstone | Second in Science

Miss D Chauhan  |  Science

Mr S Farrin  |  Science

Mrs J Hughes  |  Science

Miss T Haywood  |  Science

Miss E Carroll |  Head of Food Science

Miss J Adey  |  Food Science

Mrs R Karelia  |  Senior Science Technician

Mr P Stanley  |  Science Technician

Mrs C Hughes  |  Food Science Technician

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