Mentoring is for pupils that are considered to have barriers to learning. We work on a one-to-one basis or with small groups.

Below are just some of the issues we cover: 

– Low self esteem/confidence 
– Organisation skills 
– Homework/coursework support
– Revision techniques/ support
– Social skills 
– Bullying 

We believe overcoming barriers such as these is often the key to successful learning. 

Where does the term ‘mentor’ come from?

The term mentor goes back to the days of Greek mythology. Mentor was the wise and trusted friend Odysseus appointed to educate his son. He acted as a counsellor, coach, teacher and surrogate father. Similar principles apply today. 

How can mentoring help my child?

Mentoring is designed to help your daughter overcome barriers to learning they could be experiencing, which may be stopping them from reaching their full potential. 

We have a variety of programmes and materials that cover many issues, to encourage your child to take small steps forward in reaching their goals, and ultimately improving their successes, both in and out of school.

We also do lots of transition support including an on-line programme designed to minimise any worries they may have about secondary school. 

How is a referral made?

Referrals can be made from teachers, parents or the pupils themselves. Initially we will meet the pupil on a one-to-one basis to establish what needs there are, and together develop an action plan. 
We will then meet either weekly or fortnightly for up to 12 weeks. Responsibility is given to the pupil in recognising the areas which need to be developed and each week, both pupil and mentor decide an appropriate target to set for the following week. At the end of the 12 weeks your daughter will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievements. 

If you have any queries regarding mentoring, please contact Luke Atkinson, Lead learning Mentor, on 0121 464 8346.

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