Members of the Local Governing Board of King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls’, regularly seek the views of parents, pupils, staff and the wider community, in order to plan their vision for what they wish to achieve over the course of the next five years.

This vision and these aims will inform school development planning and enable the Local Governing Board to review progress toward these aims.

Our Vision

The young people who attend King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls’ will have high aspirations for their futures and will have the confidence and resilience to achieve those aspirations.  Young people will leave our school as responsible and caring individuals able to make a worthwhile contribution to the wider society.

We believe that this vision can only be secured through maintaining and strengthening our broad curriculum, thereby providing the opportunity for every pupil to excel, together with excellent teaching delivered by well supported and committed members of staff.

We passionately believe that we can only achieve the vision if all of our young people have access to the opportunities education provides and therefore, we will not tolerate an avoidable gap in attainment between disadvantaged young people and those from more advantaged backgrounds.

We also require a culture where pupil welfare remains paramount and partnership with employers, universities, and  the provision of excellent careers advice ensures that our young people are prepared to take advantage of the changing world of work

Our Aims

  • To achieve high academic standards and expectations for all pupils, including disadvantaged, most able and SEND pupils.
  • To promote a culture of extra-curricular participation and enrichment for all pupils.
  • To promote good mental and physical health for pupils, staff and the wider community.
  • To establish King Edward VI Northfield School for girls as a focal point, well known and respected across the wider constituency,

Strategies to be Explored and Objectives

A number of strategies have been explored and put in place with a view to achieving these aims. Five-year targets have also been set, so that the Local Governing Board can monitor progress towards the achievement of these objectives.

The Local Governing Board will continue to seek your views and input when creating and developing their vision for the school, and thank you for your input.

If you would like additional, more detailed information, or if you have any views which you would like to be considered when the Local Governing Board are putting together future plans for the school, please e-mail: –

Samantha Ryder – Chair of the Local Governing Board – October 2021

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