Our results in 2023 showed our highest ever percentage of top grades (grades 7-9), with 18.2% of grades falling into this category.  This continued improvement was particularly marked in the Sciences (40% 7+ in Chemistry, for example) and Music (50% 7+).

We were really pleased with particularly strong performance in French (4+ continuing to rise, reaching over 68%), Art (4+ 72%), Graphics (88% 4+) and a number of other subjects.

Click HERE to access the Department for Education website that you can use to compare our results to other schools.

2023 Headlines

Progress 8 -0.17
Attainment 842.33
Pupils achieving Grade 5 (Good Pass) or better in English & Mathematics34.9%
Pupils achieving Grade 4 (Standard Pass – old C) or better in English & Mathematics56.0%
Pupils Average English Baccalaureate Point score3.73
Pupils achieving a Good Pass in the English Baccalaureate19.0%
Pupils achieving a Standard Pass in the English Baccalaureate26.0%
Pupils entering the English Baccalaureate53.7%
Pupils staying in education or going into employment for at least 6 months – 202193%

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