Our vision is to provide for our young people the very best teaching and a supportive environment where their talents are nurtured and insecurities overcome. We will support the young people of our community throughout their childhoods to build their aspirations and ensure their needs are met.

We work to put our school at the heart of the community. By working together with other schools and agencies we have greater capacity for success.
Through our co-operative ethos we pool our efforts, ideas and enthusiasm to support our young people and their families in ways that would not be possible on our own. As educators, learners, parents, young people and wider community, we draw upon both our own strength and the expertise of partner organisations.

We work to give parents, pupils, staff and the wider community a strong voice in the development of education and services in the area.
The children in our area deserve the very best education and we will strive to deliver it. We are their champions. Together, we succeed.


  1. To enable our pupils to be strong and independent – able to form healthy and respectful relationships, able to safeguard themselves and each other from exploitation and violent extremism and able to stand up for British and cooperative values.
  2. To secure the highest possible academic standards and levels of challenge for our pupils and to prepare our pupils for the constantly changing challenges of life and work after school.
  3. To provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to each pupil, providing a breadth of experiences and allowing pupils to discover their passions.
  4. To create a happy and positive learning environment, fostering mutual respect, consideration for others and personal responsibility.
  5. To be committed to developing positive relationships with parents, promoting education as a partnership between home and school.
  6. To provide a school based experience for all our pupils which promotes equality of opportunity and seeks to overcome barriers to their achievement.
  7. To prepare our pupils for life after school so they are able to access the best opportunities in further education and the world of work. We achieve this by working closely with colleges and employers in addition to providing excellent independent careers advice.
  8. To encourage our pupils to be creative, resilient and independent learners.
  9. To establish effective working relationships with other professionals for the benefit of all. We work with partner schools, particularly Turves Green Boys’ School and Cofton Primary School to improve all of our schools.
  10. To promote Northfield School for Girls’ as part of the wider community, through our implementation of our cooperative values, specifically our commitment to democracy.
  11. To provide a safe and caring environment in which all pupils can make a positive contribution to their learning, school and community.
  12. To provide the best possible environment and inspirational teaching by using current technology and new approaches in the classroom.


  1. Every child and every member of staff at Northfield School for Girls’ matters. We recognise that staff are best able to support children when their workload is realistic and they are happy in their role.
  2. We continually strive to promote and nurture the health and well-being of our pupils and our staff.
  3. Our commitment to democracy means that we believe all stakeholders should have a say in how we run our school. We believe that making a better school for our pupils arises from a cooperative approach, respecting the views of our stakeholders.
  4. We actively promote the sharing of good practice both within the school and through extended partnerships to provide the very best opportunities for our pupils. We share the cooperative value of self-responsibility – we take responsibility for our actions.
  5. We actively promote the school as a community which aspires to gain experience beyond our geographical horizons.
  6. We strive to combat gender stereotyping and aim for our pupils to be fully prepared to take active roles in their future. We share the cooperative values of equality and equity – equal rights and benefits according to contribution and striving to be fair and unbiased.
  7. We share the cooperative value of solidarity – we support each other and those in other cooperatives.

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