At Northfield School for Girls we aim to provide every possible support for of our pupils, to ensure that you can do your very best and be happy at school. Whatever the problem, there will always be someone for you to talk to!

Peer Buddies

Peer Buddies are here to support all year 7 pupils throughout their first year at secondary school. They can help with any worries about secondary school, be an example of acceptable behaviour, attitude and uniform, and provide an opportunity to talk, find solutions for friendship/bullying issues.
There are 2 buddies per year 7 form who will come in once a week to support pupils during form time.  They will also be available once every week in Hut 4 during break times.  All peer buddies will be supporting form times from mid-September.


Aunties give practical support and guidance around school to year 7’s during the first term.

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators have a specific role in helping to overcome any issues with anti-bullying. They are available each lunch time in hut 4 for anyone to drop in and talk about worries you may have whether its falling out with friends or you think you may be a victim of bullying.  They also offer lunch time clubs throughout the term for you to join and learn new skills.


Prefects assist teaching staff during break and lunch times to maintain positive behaviour around school.

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