Our 2016 results have seen our school reach historic highs in key subjects.

Superb GCSE Results!
Of particular note is the wonderful 68.2% A*-C in Maths.  English maintained their outstanding results, scoring 79% A*-C.  Art scored an incredible 88%, Graphics 84%, Triple Science 90% (95% Chemistry), 67% Core Science and History 71%. 

Wonderful Btec outcomes
In recent years Btecs have become far more rigorous, which have led to many schools narrowing their curriculums and moving away from these more practical qualifications.  We have continued to offer these subjects.  Pass rates of 95% in Sport, 100% in Health and Social Care, 96% in IT and 83% in Performing Arts – Dance is the result. 

Startling Progress
Progress (how well a young person does from their starting points at the end of primary school) in almost every subject is at least 5% better than the national average.  Of particular note is English where 86% of pupils made at least expected progress, with a further five subjects achieving 100% expected progress or better! 
Making expected progress is, of course, a real challenge when exams become more challenging each year, but what is most remarkable about our results this year is the number of pupils who have exceeded ‘expected progress’.  87.5% in RE, 80% in Textiles, 70% in Physics are just a few notable examples of the percentages of pupils who have smashed their challenging targets. 

Well done to our Year 11 leavers and our dedicated teachers!
In a year when the press is full of disappointing news of falling levels of attainment in GCSEs, we are in an enviable position of 65% of pupils achieving 5 or more A*-C including English and Maths – around 10% higher than the national average.  Our Year 11s have done us proud and our teachers have gone to extraordinary lengths to support these inspiring young people.

Click HERE to access the Department for Education website that you can use to compare our results to other schools.

2016 Headlines

Progress 80.42
Attainment 851.1
Pupils achieving Grade C or better in English & Mathematics65%
Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate7%
Pupils entering the English Baccalaureate8%
Pupils staying in education or going into employment95%

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