Our GCSE courses cover the National Curriculum for Key Stage 4 Science and include topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics for all pupils.

Pupils either study Combined Science (worth two GCSEs) or can choose Triple Science (in order to gain full GCSEs in each subject) as an option subject.  Entry Level Certificates are also offered to pupils for whom this is more appropriate.

AQA GCSE (9-1) Combined Science (Trilogy)
This course provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about key topics across the sciences, including cells, the human body, ecology, plant biology, genetics, the Periodic Table, bonding, chemical reactions, energy changes, the atmosphere, organic chemistry, energy, electricity, the atomic model, forces, waves and magnetism.  Pupils receive two GCSE grades upon passing this course.

We strive to make all lessons relevant and interesting in order to spark scientific curiosity.  This includes regular practical lab work, beyond that required in the specification, multimedia, modelling and debating activities.  We are passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and continue to look for new ways to enthuse pupils in this area within lessons and beyond.

AQA GCSE (9-1) Biology, Chemistry and Physics (also known as “Triple Science”)
We offer Triple Science (full GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) as an option subject.  We have been delighted with the success of pupils taking this course which allows them to study the topics in greater detail as a more thorough preparation for further studies at A Level or in other college courses such as BTEC Level 3s.

AQA Entry Level Certificates in Science
Occasionally, pupils may not be suited to taking their GCSE examinations in Year 11.  We continue to support those pupils with the AQA Entry Level Certificate which provides an externally recognised qualification at a Key Stage 3 level.

We strive to ensure that every pupil is supported throughout their time at TGGS.  We offer regular revision sessions and teachers are always happy to support pupils needing extra help at other times too! Homework is a combination of Educake’s online revision homework, additional research for lessons and regular revision resource making.

​For all options the modules are taught as follows:

3-Year KS4

TermYear 9Year 10Year 11
AutumnTransition module
Biomimicry (Triple only)
Fundamentals of Chemistry
Moving and changing materials
Chemical changes
Particle model of matter
​Space (Triple only)
​Structure and bonding
Health matters
Energy changes
​Atomic structure
Chemical analysis, 
Variation and Evolution
Chemical calculations
Coordination and control
Rate and extent of chemical change
The Atmosphere
​Sustainable Development

2-Year KS4

TermYear 10Year 11
Structure and bonding
Quantitative chemistry 
Space (Triple only)
Chemical changes
SpringMoving and changing materials
Chemical changes
Atomic structure 
Chemical analysis
Sustainable Development
Variation and Evolution
SummerPaper 1 Revision and Mock GCSE examinations
Coordination and control
Revision and GCSE examinations

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