In recent years we have built excellent links with arts organisations in the local area and developed a school public art project. Our curriculum and careers education is enriched by these connections and our environment is enhanced by public art on site and in the local area.

In 2018/19 we will be working with RIBA and Architecture firm Glancy Nicholls, who have bases in Birmingham and London to deliver an architecture themed project with our Year 7 cohort.
In 2017/18 our Year 7 cohort worked with artist and engineer Sophie Huckfield as part of the Craft Council’s STEAM themed ‘Make Your Future’ project. Pupils developed skills in pewter casting and ceramics and developed hexagon tiles for a wall installation in school.

Year 9 students worked with artists Juneau Projects to produce artwork involving laser cut jewellery and augmented reality technology, which culminated in their participation in the 2016 Longbridge Light Festival.

In 2015/6 we coordinated a public art project alongside several community organisations. Students in year 8 and year 10 worked to design and make a mural artwork for the long concrete wall adjacent to Longbridge train station. This was supported by Longbridge Public Arts Project (LPAP), and our students had the opportunity to work with artists Cathy Wade and Dan Newso.

All of year 7 and year 8 participated in projects that fed into the Longbridge Light Festivals of 2014 and 2016 .

To keep up to date with these exciting projects as they develop, and to see what else we get up to in the art department, you can follow us on twitter: @TGGSart.

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