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Mission: Sustainability Awards

On Friday 6th November, Neaveh and Isabella were invited to an online award ceremony as shortlisted finalists for the Enzen Mission:Sustainability Awards which they entered during Year 9 for British Science Week through the Lumen Christi Catholic Multi-Academy. 

Despite all the difficulties caused by Covid-19, pupils submitted a great breadth of entries themed on the power of generating energy from water,” said Manish Jamthe, CEO of Enzen UK. 

Experts from Enzen and Bombora really enjoyed judging the pupils’ work. They included artwork and models about blue energy and climate change, investigative essays on sustainability and renewable power, and write-ups on hydrogen production experiments. 

The participating schools are based around the Kings Norton, Northfield and Sheldon areas of Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city and home to Enzen’s corporate headquarters. 

By educating pupils in Birmingham about energy and water challenges, Enzen Community Partnerships aims to deepen Enzen’s relationship with the city and inspire young people to pursue careers in innovation, technology, science and engineering.’ 

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street also sent congratulations during the event. A huge congratulations for Neaveh on her third place and Isabella on winning second place with her team. 

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